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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Last Post NaBloPoMo


It's the 30th of November, and so ends my writing every day. I did it! It wasn't too bad, except for those few days without internet. Stupid cable company. But, I had a good time. I may or may not continue to post so regularly. Maybe during the week I will post, but not on the weekends. That was rough. Anyway, I'm hoping to win some sort of prize for this posting. If not, then I will at least have 30 days documented. It has also renewed my desire to write in my paper journal a lot more. Haven't done that since April I believe.

So...pictures! I promised pictures! Here you go. And Butterfly has a new cousin. Phoebe born on the 28th. Juice talked to his mom about it and got all the particulars which is why I have none. Never tell that stuff to men. They don't care to remember. I'm waiting for pictures of this little girl. :)



  1. Awwww, such cute pictures. I have really enjoyed the 30 days of pictures, humor and poignant prose. Started or ended our day on just the right note.

    Thanks, Sweets.

  2. julia8:01 PM

    I looked forward to reading your daily posts too. I hope you continue doing it (but take a break on the weekends, you deserve it)!


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