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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Major Melt Down


Last night Butterfly had her first major melt down. Nothing would please her, and she raged probably for 45 minutes. All because I cut up her chicken for dinner. Yes, I am a horrible mother for wanting her to eat chicken in smaller bites. I thought I had the melt down almost stopped when she nodded when I asked if she wanted juice. But then I made the mistake of letting her see me put water in her juice. Melt down ensued. Lava was pouring out of my house to the parking lot outside. Great bursts of ash and soot were raining down on the neighborhood.

She did finally calm down and ate a little more and went to bed early. I was ready to go to bed early. I did.

I had something else to say but my mind has just been numbed by reading Humpty Dumpty 30 times in a row.

Maybe it will come back to me later.


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