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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving by the Numbers


My internet is still down, so I am being creative and dictating this post through my Dad in Utah. "Say Hi, Dad." Dad says, "Hi."

Today is Thanksgiving and here is the breakdown of our day.

Number of times Vanessa woke up before 5am this morning: 3
Number of turkeys eaten today at our house: 1/3
Number of items dropped on the floor requiring deep cleaning: 3
  • MusicMan dropped a carton of eggs
  • I dropped the corn before it was cooked. It covered the kitchen floor.
  • Toast was dropped, not all pieces retrieved, remainder ground into breadcrumbs on the kitchen floor requiring 3 sweepings.
Number of blueberries consumed by Butterfly: Huge Heaps
Number of movies watched today because our cable is still out: 2
Number of Nintendo Pool games played by Juice and MusicMan: At least 20
Number of games Juice won: At least 18
Number of times we threw the ball for Soot at the park: 20
Number of times Butterfly fell in the mud at the park: 3
Number of minutes it took to put Butterfly to sleep tonight: Less than 5
Number of minutes it should take for us to fall asleep tonight: Also less than 5

Thanksgiving with family: Priceless

Happy Thanksgiving everyone,


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