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Monday, November 13, 2006

My daughter, the genius


That's right. Butterfly is a genius. Last night, Juice was reading one of her favorite books to her. I've talked about it here before. She carries around this book shouting "Child God! Child God!"

Juice was sitting on our bed, reading the book to her and pointing out things in the pictures. There are lions, elephants, shoes, balls, airplanes, trees, etc. The last picture in the book is of a boy kneeling in front of Jesus with his hands folded. (See it here.) She was pointing at Jesus and naming him, and then at the little boy and calling him Jesus too. Juice was correcting her, saying, "That's the little boy." Butterfly points. "That's Jesus." Butterfly points. "That's the little boy." You get the idea. She finally stopped pointing and stared at the picture for awhile.

She then turns to Juice and says, "Little boy praying with Jesus." I kid you not. Loud and clear Juice heard this. Wow, she is growing up so fast.

Other sentences lately have included: I want to go outside! I want that! I want soup! It's cold! It's for Cinder. I want juice! Dadda at work? Go get Dadda! I want to phone! Ouch it hurts! It hurts ___ (where ever the hurt is). No Mommy other ear! I'm not allowed to talk on the phone with the ear of my choice. She has to choose. Okay then.

I can't believe how fast she is learning to talk. And how big and long and strong she is!


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