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Sunday, November 19, 2006

First day of Nursery


In our church, the kids don't go into nursery until they are 18 months old. Guess who is 18 months? Yep, Butterfly. Last week really should have been her first time, but we were at stake conference (big regional conference). So this week was her first time.

At church, we typically would roam the halls. We would play with the other almost 18 month olds (3 other kids) and try to keep ourselves occupied. She knows where they toys are and has begged to go in there a few times. We've been in maybe twice but she fit right in. She would even sit nicely and wait for her snack with the others.

Today, I asked her if she wanted to go play with her friends and the toys and she nodded very enthusiastically. Toys, yes! Friends, yes! We walked in and she ran to the little teeter totter and started rocking. I stayed in a few minutes to make sure they were all okay, and then slipped out. There are about 7 or 8 kids in her class, only one other girl. Kay is just a week older than Butterfly, and Andrew is a week younger.

I got to listen to Juice's Sunday school lesson for the first time without running after a child. It was weird. Juice is a great teacher. He really loves learning and really wants to share what he knows.

I didn't get to pick Butterfly up from class because of my own class, but I hear she did great. She cried for a few minutes when she realized that we were gone. But she soon got over it and played and ate and had a great time. They even drew pictures. It is SO cute. I hung it on my fridge. Juice asked her what she did in class and she said, "I played!"

She's not a baby anymore.


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