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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Scrub a dub dub


My brother is coming to visit on Tuesday. And my sister in law. I really should make up cool names for him and her like I did for us. And since they haven't made up online names for themselves, I get to pick. Let's see...let's call him MusicMan and her Angel. (Nothing like the Angel in Buffy). :)

I digress. They are coming on Tuesday. Right, already said that. So, because company is coming to stay, the house must be clean. If I learned anything from my childhood, it's the fact that the house must be clean. That and "You spill, you die." Just a family motto for the car.

Today being Saturday and we don't have any plans, we spent the day cleaning. Butterfly woke up at 6:45am! Thank you whoever is in charge of sleep habits for toddlers. It's better than the 5am that has been plaguing us for months. Juice got up with her, vacuumed, and I got up about half an hour later.

He swept, straightened, moved, packed away, went into the attic 4 or 5 times, and played with Butterfly. I sat at the kitchen table, eating my cereal and going through the 6 inch high stack of catalogues I have. I may have looked like I was enjoying myself, but really, I was cleaning.

Let's see, we have also cleaned off the top of our tv (a big deal, I don't think it's been clean since Butterfly's first birthday), did 2 loads of dishes, cleared the clutter from my scrap booking desk, got the guest bed half way set up, and cleaned all bathrooms. Plus, we went for a walk to the post office about a mile from here to get holiday stamps. And to give Soot some exercise.

I still have a few places to straighten up. Like the computer desks and the other table in our kitchen. But it's coming together. Thanks bro, for giving me an excuse to get my house picked up before the holiday season. :)

Please excuse me while I go scrub my kitchen floors. Thank you.


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