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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Back to the Couch


Good news! I found a fix for the remote online (I love the Internets) and it works again. Yay! I can now scroll through our movies.

Sadly, I think we might have to morn the loss of our other 2 remotes. It's been at least a month since we lost the TV and the small DVD player remote. We have searched high and low. We've moved furniture, cleaned, hunted, everything.

I think Pirate may have thrown them away and we didn't know.

He loved to bring them to me awhile ago and I would always tell him to go put them back. I did that one day to something in the kitchen and noticed that he went right to the garbage and threw it in there. Ack! There's a very real possibility that our remotes are now at the dump leaking harmful chemicals into our soil. Because they had rechargeable batteries in them.

Juice is more upset at the loss of the batteries than the remote. We at lest have a universal remote that works with them both. The TV or the small DVD player are not as complex as the big DVD player so it's not as big of a deal.

Yes, we have 2 DVD players. One for the movies we own, and one for the movies we rent. We have a big box covering the big DVD player because the boys like to push buttons. It's a pain to get movies in and out of it anyway. So we have a small one that isn't covered by a box and you don't have to scroll through pages of titles to watch something once. It works for us.



  1. Ahh the days of kids throwing things away. We finally bought a garbage can that helped discourage them, it's slightly taller than average and has a swing lid that when backed up to a wall won't open very far. It now has a huge crack down one side but I refuse to give it up because the store that sold it isn't here anymore!

  2. Anonymous2:33 PM

    We already have our trash in the pantry to keep the dogs out of it, but it works with Evie, too. Otherwise she'd be the same...when she was about one we were at an event where there was a swing-top trash can and she kept throwing her paci in so that we had to keep washing it in the sink. :) Glad you found a fix for your remote...what a great feeling to get such useful info from the internet! :)


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