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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Now I Have to Change it Manually


We discovered this morning that the remote to our fancy big 400 dvd changer is broken. BROKEN! You seriously have to have that thing in order to know what movie you're switching to. And I love that changer so much. It makes things so much easier. No pulling disks in and out. No loosing them, scratching them, or destroying them. It does make it harder to watch them anywhere else but at that TV, but that is okay sometimes.

So I looked online to see if I could send it somewhere and have it be repaired. Nope. They don't even make this remote anymore. I could get a universal remote and try to get it to work, but there are specific buttons on this one that I don't think a universal remote would have. Like "folder" or "edit."

Guess I'm off to ebay to find some one's old remote. Ugh.

Hopefully the kids will stop doing the following when we do find a replacement remote: eating it, licking it, slobbering on it, throwing it off the couch/table/stairs, hiding it in the couch cushions, putting it in the bathtub (minus water), shoving it under the bathroom door to play while I am in there, trying to feed it to the dog, putting it in the dog's food bowl, putting it in the dog's bed, trying to put it in the dog's water bowl, trying to put it in the fridge, putting it in the kitchen cupboards, standing on it, hitting each other's heads with it, hitting their own heads with it and laughing, pretending it's a phone, pretending it's a Wii remote, pretending it's a surf board/skate board/wake board, trying to take it outside, trying to shove it out the doggy door, trying to throw it out the window, trying to color on it, pushing buttons when they are not supposed to, and generally man handling it.

I think they should make these remotes out of sturdier stuff. Don't they know I have twin toddlers and their big sister to deal with?!



  1. Oh No! Good luck.

  2. That really stinks! We've lost our remote for long periods of time, and I understand how horrible it can be. And my problem was just that there's no "menu" button on the dvd player, so all we could do was hit play, stop, or skip forward.


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