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Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Gifting


So I am 99% done with my Christmas gifts. I have one more to buy and that should be it! Juice and I were talking about what the kids are doing for their Christmas gifts to each other this year. I think I have several toys squirreled away. I'll have Butterfly pick out which boy gets what, and I'll pick for the boys to Butterfly. Do your kids do sibling presents? If so, what do you do?

Since I only had one sibling (hi Bro!), it was never a question who was giving who what. I always got a present from him. He always got a present from me. Done. I do remember buying these presents at the little present fair they had at the elementary school. Did anyone do that? We always were able to have an hour in the room with a bunch of trinkets to buy presents for our families. I only remember buying my mom a brooch there one year, nothing else. Bro, can you remember any of the gifts we gave each other? I have a headache and can't think of any. I went through my baby book which has a short list of presents from my first Christmas till I was 8 years old. The only mention of presents from my brother was that 8 year old Christmas when he got me doll clothes. So maybe I should ask my mom...what did we do for sibling gifts, if any?

Juice says he remembers getting money to buy presents for everyone. They got twice as much money as their age. So if he was 5, he got $10. He remembers buying a gun for one of his brothers so that when they played together, his brother wouldn't have to use his finger anymore. He also remembers buying tiny things for his siblings one year and a big present for himself with the left over money.

I was talking to my friend today about what her kids are doing for each other. Nothing. We kind of brainstormed ideas of things that don't cost anything that they could give each other. A card with some drawings on it. An animal made out of paper and toilet paper tubes. Cut out cute snowflakes together. Make special cookies for each other. Give an old forgotten toy to a younger sibling that would like it.

We may do something like this next year. This year I just happened to get some amazing deals on a few toys in July and October and saved them.

So, what are your kids doing for each other for Christmas?



  1. I had Aidan pick out a toy for Olivia and I picked out a book for Olivia to give to Aidan. As they get older they'll be able to get more into it. Or maybe they'll make stuff for each other. Aidan painted little ceramic figures for the grandparents and his best friends this year.

  2. Anonymous11:19 PM

    This is the 4th year that Bee is asking her brother for a drawing. One year he drew her a kittin in a tea cup; the next year it was a lime green VW Beetle (her favorite car at the time); last year it was tropical flowers. This year, she wants this huge tropical scene. Unfortunately, I think that picture is going to have to wait until her b-day because he won't be able to get it done any sooner.

    Aunty L

  3. I usually buy things during the year and then let them pick something for their sister. If I haven't found something appropriate for a specific sibling then they have a $10 budget to go get them a present. Fred decided she wanted to give Jr. an old outfit that doesn't fit her anymore and they always make "gifts" and wrap them for each other.

    I remember visiting the Santa Shop when I was in 4th - 6th grade but I don't remember having money to buy anything from it. As an adult who has run a Santa Shop - they are a pain in the bum!

  4. I only have one, so she buys gifts for her two little cousins. But as a child I remember making gifts for my siblings, for birthdays too! These are the gifts I remember the most for sure!

  5. The dollar store. I take them there and let them each pick a present for the others. It will be better in a few years when they can all get more into it, but for now, Lorelei and Owen love it and Hayley will grow into it. :)

  6. You know, I recall purchasing a generic My Little Pony one year (not sure on the specifics, but it had a purple tail) but that's about it. Whether or not I bought it or Mom bought it, I'm not sure, but that's the only thing I remember--and even that's a little vague.

    As we got into High School and stuff, I know you bought me a few CDs but I honestly have no idea what I bought you. It's sad that I can't remember...

  7. Glad you are almost done - I'm not! :)

    Maddie's school had a Holiday Bazaar and she came home with some cute things. One was a bracelet that says "#1 sister" for Katie - so cute! So I sent in more money the next day and asked the teacher to pick me up one more, so Katie could give it to Maddie. Done! :)

  8. You are always so organized! When we were little, I remember going to the store and picking out something really small for my siblings--like their favorite candy bar, or bag of chips or something (usually edible!). When we got older we drew from a hat, and chose a more interesting gift for the person who we picked (there are 6 siblings). There was usually a $10 limit, and we spent our own money. We still do this today (we're in our 20's and 30's now). Our price limit has gone up to $25 or $30 now, but it is nice to only have to worry about one sibling gift.


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