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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Snippits Today


We ran to the post office and the store this morning.  Out of town Christmases are almost taken care of.  Just 2 more presents to send by Friday and I should be done!

I sent Butterfly outside to chip away at mound of snow the plow left in our front yard.  She thinks it's great fun and I get her out of the house for awhile.  One negative thing: she won't wear her coat so she keeps complaining of being cold.

We went to see Santa at the mall today for school.  What a fine education she is getting let me tell you!  :)  She refused to sit with him.  She was hanging on my legs so much that I couldn't move.  She made me sit with her.  Both boys did not scream but looked very very worried.  We also had lunch there.  Yum!

I discovered upon returning from the mall that the house was uncomfortably hot.  Someone *coughjuicecough* turned up the heat.  No wonder it's been hard to sleep the past few nights.

Speaking of Juice, he just came home and is now thwarting my plan to get Butterfly tired by breaking up the snow pile and throwing it really far for her to see.  I guess the snow would be gone tomorrow with the ice we're supposed to get tonight.

Both boys are now wandering out the house in their mittens and hats.  I guess I shouldn't send them outside too considering it's dark and they have no shoes on.



  1. Oh, the PO is so fun with little munchkins! So are errands for that matter. I like hearing what's going on over there.

  2. My girls LOVE to go outside and dig/chip away at things. And yes - it DOES tire them out! It sounds like things are going nice for you all - stay warm!

  3. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Actually, I have not touched the thermostat since I switched it from air conditioning to heating (except to turn it off when we have the windows open). Someone must have bumped into it.



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