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Monday, December 07, 2009

Dance Class Recital


Butterfly's little dance class had it's last class today. The year long classes have a big recital at the end of the year but Butterfly's class doesn't. The teacher invited the parents in to watch the class. It was TONS of fun. I loved watching Butterfly listening to the teacher and seeing her interact with her friends. She is, by far, the biggest kid in there. Poor awkward dear, she also has a lot of leg to deal with. Still, I think she has a great time and she looks so cute in her leotard.

They start out with some stretching and a little bit of warm up. Some jumping, some spinning, some skipping. Then they go into a few songs (called the can-can songs) that say things like jump up and down and turn around! Then they danced with their bean bags. Butterfly got a blue one (of course) and here she is! (She is the one with the dark pink tights and the braid.)

After the bean bag dance, they had a train that they did which was really cute. Then they did some ballet stuff, including twirling and first position.

They did some leaping after that. The teacher split the class in two and had each of the sections take turns to dance and watch. I thought they way she put it, "Learn to be a good audience!" was great. She even had them clap. The dancers had to bow. So cute.

Butterfly requested some freeze dance time and the teacher let them. Basically they ran around like crazy and tried to stop when the music stops. Her friend, Lou, is the blond girl with the pony tail and skirt. They make sure they are next to each other for everything!

I think she had so much fun with this class that we are probably going to sign up for the next round. Lou's parents were so sweet and brought Lou and Butterfly some flowers for their "recital". They will be in the next round of classes together too. It's fun to have a friend!



  1. OMGosh ... so cute. I love the twirl video. She looks like she going to veer out of control.

    Georgia is tall too. She was the tallest kid in her class last year (except for a 5 year old handicapped boy who was 2 years older).

    Tall is a good thing :)

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  3. Anonymous5:41 PM

    She's so cute! I love how you can hear her laughing over everything else in the videos!



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