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Saturday, December 05, 2009

So Much Fun!


Today was our first snowfall of the year. And we had some great snow too! Big, wet flakes and 3-4 inches total. This (sadly) is a major snow storm for Maryland. We took full advantage of it! It took me half an hour to find everyone's gloves, hats, coats, and boots. And then another 20 minutes or so to put everyone in their equipment. It reminds me of a book I've read several times called Mrs. Mike. In it, she bundles her kids to play outside in northern Canada. She does one at a time and then puts them outside so they won't get overheated. That's just what we did today and I thought of the book.

Butterfly was itching to get out and build a snowman. First, everyone was interested in helping Juice shovel the walk. That meant I actually had time to throw my boots and coat on too! Then we went right up to build a snowman. Juice made it so big we could barely get the snowballs on top of each other. Once our Frosty was up, we went looking for our sleds (and our friends who had just arrived to join us in the winter wonderland) and the older boys in the neighborhood had knocked down Frosty. Seriously, why?!

Good thing Butterfly didn't mind. Her BFF Vinny was there and anxious to sled. They went down a few times, the boys went down once and then it was time to go inside. We had been out for over an hour and I think the boys were cold. Butterfly did not want to go inside so she stayed out and helped Juice shovel the walk again. They apparently fixed the snowman during that time as well.

It takes a lot shorter time to take everything off the boys than it did to put on.

We had hot chocolate and spent the rest of the afternoon with friends. What a great day!



  1. That does remind me of that book! Fred read some of it but there were so many foreign concepts she didn't finish, maybe in a couple years!

  2. We got to play in the snow for a bit Monday at my Mom's. I have read Mrs. Mike multiple times myself. I cry every time.
    BTW my Mom is in the stake primary and I had mentioned Butterfly's talk to her. She knew just who it was when she was there for your program! Precious!


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