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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009, take 2


We spent the morning opening the rest of the presents from yesterday. We had a great time! It's been another good lazy day here.
Well, except for all the running around the kids did with that basketball hoop. All day long what we heard from Professor was "Ball! Car? Ball! Car?" Such a boy.

Pirate discovered the cars his cousins gave him actually come apart and he spent the day ripping off the wheels and then bringing the pieces to me to put back together.

Butterfly spent most of the day dressing up her princesses, trying to keep the boys out of our fun new houses we have, and hording toys. I imagine this year was not as cool as last year when we got a bunch of toys and she had free rein to play with all of them. Still, a pretty cool Christmas.


PS- Yes, that is yet another pair of shoes for Juice. He got 3 pairs this year. Can you tell what he's needed?!

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