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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Adam (or so I'm told)


This morning we all got up and made the trek over to the big park to go sledding with Butterfly's BFF Vinny and his mom, Lala. We had such a great time! And by we, I was excluding Professor. The poor guy is just unhappy about the whole sledding experience. This time I didn't even put him down once and he was still unhappy. Poor kid.

We brought Soot along because she needed to get out. Poor thing had to deal with this:

She did very well though once she was on the sled track. She ran after the sleds growling and barking and having a merry old time.

I could have stayed out there all day long but the babies started crying and so we decided to head on home.
I think Butterfly would have fallen asleep on that sled if she could have. She was one tired girl!

After everyone had lunch and naps, we headed out to see the lights at the DC Temple. So beautiful! Butterfly and I had been there earlier this season during the day but this time we went to see the lights. We met up with our friends who come with us every year. It was fun to have their girl and Butterfly run around together.

We cut quite the path with our double wide stroller. We held up traffic in several places because BOB's wheels were scraping each side of the snow on the little paths they plowed. What a great day!


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