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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Sunday


It snowed into the night and we woke up this morning with around 25 inches. I saw this on the local news station and thought it would be cool to show you guys.

Plus, here are some pictures! We tried to go sledding again but the snow was too powdery. Plus, the boys were very unhappy. Even with putting bags on their feet before they get shoes on to keep their feet dry. They did last longer with this trick so thanks Rosemarie! It took me forever to get everyone ready (almost an hour) and I'm really not looking forward to doing this again tomorrow. I know Butterfly will want to go out tomorrow so it's for sure that I'll be out in it again. Good thing Juice has all next week off!

Our van got buried! Everyone's car looked like this though.

The boys on the sled. See Pirate's really unhappy face. Not seen here: Professor is also crying.

I went for a walk without the kids and took this picture near our house. They have plowed so much snow up on the curb that it is almost up to the stop sign. No joke!

I think we got some serious snow here! No church today. We had to cancel plans to see the Temple Lights with friends as well. Crazy!


PS- Love this little video of Butterfly trying to sled. Juice holding Pirate, Professor screaming next to me, and Butterfly's little "weee!" as she goes about 6 inches. Cute!


  1. Cool! Send some snow our way! - George

  2. Glad it helped you get a LITTLE more time in the snow! I completely forgot to get the girls snow mittens - so they just had on knit gloves which were soaked in seconds. It's always something!

  3. Anonymous1:26 AM

    Cute video! Butterfly is a good sport :) Sorry the plastic bags didn't work...that was a great idea.

  4. It's been crazy, that's for sure! My kids has the same experience trying to sled.

  5. That is a whole lotta snow woman! WOW! Your pictures are so fun, and I do love that little "wee" as your daughter goes down the "hill", so funny!


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