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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year In Review


Happy New Year's Eve! Here are 12 posts from this year. Did you know that I wrote every single month this year? I only missed 92 days of writing the whole year. It's a new lap record! Here are some highlights from the rest of the 273 days I did write.

January: We took all the kids to the Presidential Inauguration. Juice now says, "Well, it's not like we're going to the Inauguration," when things are hard. Also that month, last day of that month, was the day Pirate's leg was broken.

February: DISASTER! You try having one baby in a huge cast, one baby not in a cast, and a really inquisitive 3 year old.

March: I got lucky and Juice turned 30.

April: 1 year old twins! (Enough said.)

May: Turning 4 years old and the "best" date night ever. Also, leaving for our Mega Road Trip of 2009.

June: Road Trip! A month spent in Utah with my family.

July: Road Trip returns! And we walk! With Flower for a whole month!

August: Berry picking with Flower. We miss Flower. She is fun to sight see with and also fun to have at our house in the evenings. Also nice, a built in babysitter. She went home this month.

September: We were on the news. Also, my birthday. A very low key month.

October: October was the month I wrote the least in. So you get a Halloween picture post.

November: Christmas Tree Decisions. Also, this was the month I challenged myself to write every day in November and December to get me back into the habit of writing. And it worked!

December: Snow snow and more snow!

A big year for us. Lots happened. I hope lots more will continue to happen next year! I have some pretty big plans for 2010!


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  1. We had fun tonight! We'll have to play Munchkin again, now that I've got the hang of it. And I think I've been reading you all 12 months this year. :)


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