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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chrsitmas Tree


Tonight Juice and I decided to take down the Christmas stuff. Normally I'm sad when the tree goes down but not this year. I was ready for it to be gone. Probably because we got several big presents for the kids and I'm feeling a little over stuffed with stuff.

So Juice pulled the tree down with the help of all the kids (that guy has the patience of a glacier sometimes!) and started wrapping it up in the sheet we store it in. As he was putting the last sheet over the tree, Pirate started screaming. Then he started patting the tree and crying. It was so cute. He did not want to see the tree go away.

While the tree was up, Professor used to bug us to turn it on all the time. He would drag us over there (which he now does, it's very cute/annoying) and say, "Tee! Tee!" Once the tree's lights were on, he would drag us to each window and make us turn those lights on. "Liie! Liie!"

I think the boys had a great Christmas. I know Butterfly is already asking when Christmas will be here again.


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  1. The patience of a glacier - love it! and very descriptive. I think he got to practice some of that with me. :) I think I'm going to take our tree down tonight once my kids are asleep. I do not have the patience of a glacier and it's much less painful this way.


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