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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

C Week!


This week for preschool we decided we should do C for Christmas of course!  We are only 2 days into it but we've talked about hard Cs and soft Cs and Butterfly is going around pointing at all the Cs and spelling things like Cat.  Today for school we decided to join some of our ward (congregation) at the Washington DC Temple visitor's center and see a short movie. 

We got there early and we were basically the only ones there.  We walked around and saw the trees and the collection of nativity sets they have on display.  I loved being the only ones there for that because you could take as long as you wanted.  I took several cool pictures.

We were able to watch the movie, Joy to the World.

They asked us not to have food there but the boys were cross by this time so they ate prezels and I felt sort of guilty with every one they had.  Oh well.

Once we got out of the movie (where Butterfly looked for Uncle MusicMan during the choir singing) the kids were done.  We let them run around by the reflection pool for awhile and got them modeling the letter of the week with the reflection of the temple and the Christus in the background.

What a fun outing!  We can't wait to go back to see all the lights lit this weekend.



  1. You always do such fun things with your kids! So cool.

    It's C week at Katie's school, too - she's home sick today (yet again) but for show & tell I was going to send her in with a stack of "c"oupons! LOL!

  2. I'm so glad we went! I will always laugh about "meeting over by the white door around back." Ha!

  3. Wow! How fun. Our Temple doesn't have a visitor center but St. George does, I should get brave and take my kids one of these days...when we're already there :)I told my girls during the Christmas Devotional the Butterfly's Uncle was one of the singers and every time they panned past a guy they would ask "Is that him? Is that him? Is that him?" I was kind of sorry I brought it up :)


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