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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Highlights for Today


A few words for everyone today.

Butterfly picked up all the toys after she dumped every single one of them out on the living room floor. She also pretended her big rainbow dolphin was her baby and Juice was still the daddy. I got to be Flower.

Pirate was trying to help Daddy by picking up an unopened glass bottle of milk and dropping it. It shattered and milk went everywhere. He got a small cut on his ankle and bled through his sock. There is now milk under our fridge and I imagine that's going to smell really good soon.

Professor totally face planted on the sidewalk today and now has major road rash across his nose and forehead. He also said, "Sit! Soot! Now!" while Juice was vacuuming. Guess what we yell a lot when we are vacuuming?

Juice helped me wrap presents for a few hours this afternoon. The kids were sleeping (or in Butterfly's case, pretending to sleep) and we got half of what is hidden in the house all wrapped and in one place. There are no presents under the tree for a reason. Can you guess two of them?

I just asked Juice what I should put about me today and he outlined my day with a lot of "tired." peppered through out it. Seriously, I think I ran 3 errands today, wrapped a bunch of presents, make chicken stock, took care of hurt and crying kids, and was really tired. One thing I didn't do was make any kind of food for anyone. We had lunch out and Juice made dinner (grilled cheese) so that was good.

Now, off to bed so maybe I can stop being so tired!


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  1. I hope that the boys are OK! My Maddie always seems to be falling or tripping, too - just when I think she's all healed up, she gets a new injury. We haven't even started wrapping our presents yet - and I'm not even done shopping yet, either!!!


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