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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wild Wild Pirate!


So yes, I know it's Christmas Eve. I probably should write something nice about the season or reflect on something, but it just ain't happening today. What a day we've had.

And it centers mostly around this little cutie pie. My Pirate.
What a crazy day it's been for him. Let's talk about something that doesn't impact anyone else but him. Remember a while back when I said that he will have surgery? As of today, it's all scheduled for March. I'm glad I don't have to worry about it again until then.

He was full of vim and vigor this morning and it's cute when I'm rested. Not so cute later in the day. By the time we got the kids in bed for naps, it was almost an hour after normal nap time. (We have been cleaning and running a few errands.) Juice and I started into cleaning without the kids around. About half an hour into nap, I noticed that Professor was still crying. That was odd for him. So Juice went up to see if he threw his binky over board and noticed that the kids' room door was open. So was our room where Butterfly was supposed to be watching a movie. The tv was off and he could hear music. So he poked his head in the room and found Butterfly and Pirate playing with my CD player (something they are NOT allowed to do after loosing a CD).

Wait, did I just say that Pirate was in my room when he's supposed to be in his room sleeping? In his crib? Yeah, guess who learned how to climb out of his crib? And open doors?

We moved a few boxes away from next to his crib and put him back in there. We left to screaming boys. About 2 minutes later, I hear the CD player in their room being turned on. Pirate! This time Juice stayed in the room with them to see how he was getting out of his crib. Juice moved the crib away from the wall Pirate was using to push himself up and hopefully that will stop him for a little bit. I imagine a crib tent is in our future.

Because of all these shenanigans, they only napped for about an hour and were super cross after.

Tonight was bath night so they would be nice and clean for tomorrow. It was going along just fine until I noticed that Pirate was awfully still. Oh no! Poop in the bath tub. So I yank the boys out, yank the toys out, and send them into our bathroom to get washed there. Pirate pooped on the bath mat as I'm pulling all the toys out. As I'm washing down the tub, Juice comes in to inform me that he did it again in the other tub. Yuck.

He didn't get a chance to wash them yet either. So back into their tub to be washed. This time, the water is cold and they shiver through the whole thing. Poor things.

They at least went to bed nicely. There has been no climbing, no screaming, and no playing.

In this whole thing, I feel the worst for Professor. Poor thing had to have a short nap, a cold bath, and I even lost one of his stocking stuffers. I hope it's still in the closet I had all the wrapped presents stacked in. If not, I guess I'll just have to find him another one after Christmas. He's little enough he won't notice, right?!

Ugh, what a day!


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  1. What a day is right! Go snuggle down with your hubby, and think of all the joy you will have tomorrow!



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