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Monday, December 28, 2009

Special Side Topic


Butterfly has been bugging us about going to the fair. The county fair. The one they have here in August. She wants to ride "the really big wheel, the fast roller coaster and the spinning dragons." She would also like to stay there when the lights come on. She promises she will be good and not cranky if it's past her bed time.

I don't think she gets the concept of A LONG TIME AWAY yet. I started telling her the list of every one's birthday that has to come before we can go back to the fair. (Which would be every one's but mine.) She got so excited about her birthday and realized that she will be turning 5 soon.

"And when I'm 5, I get to go to school like Vinny!" (Remember, Vinny is her BFF who is already in school.)

"Yep, honey."

"And when I get tired, I'll just come home and go right to nap!"

"School is all day long here honey. You will go there in the morning, and you'll have lunch there with all of your friends, and you'll come home in the afternoon," I told her.

There was a pause in the back and then I started to hear her sob. Big tears rolling down her cheeks.

"But I might get tired! There won't be a place for me to nap! I won't be able to watch my mooovie!"

She's not worried about school, she's worried about her movie time! Juice and I laughed silently in the front seat while we tried to tell her all the good things about school. Like recess, and gym class, and reading, and math. She was way too upset about loosing her movie time to even care about anything else. She only calmed down when she asked if she could have a movie when we got home. Yes!

Of course, she was so tired she slept through it but at least she feels like she watched part of it.

That girl and her movies! Sheesh!



  1. I've got one of those girls too. "Mom, I really kinda need to watch a movie. It'll make me feel better."

  2. That's sweet! Is kinder really a full day there? We luckily only have half day kinder here. I can't believe she turns five this summer . . . crazy! Maybe she can have her movie when she gets home from school, help her detox from the day. :)

  3. Oh my gosh. This is the funniest thing. I was thinking she was crying because she was going to be away from her Mommy all day or something devastatingly sweet like that : ) But she is sad about missing a movie! So cute.


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