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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Books Books Books!


The week that I discovered that the big library in town was right next door to Butterfly's dance class place, I was hooked. I went there every week. I picked up scads of books for the kids and loved having something new to read. I also decided to take a leap and read something for myself, beyond what my book club is reading.

This has been really hard to follow through with, despite having no book to read for book club in awhile. (We always do something fun for December.) But I've been trying to make time for one of my favorite past times. This is what I've been reading so far.

Everything by Shannon Hale. She writes mostly young adult fiction but it's GOOD. She also wrote a book I just finished called Austenland. Awesome read. It was one of those feel good at the end books. I have read everything she has written now and am anxiously awaiting her next book.

Another author I'm working my way through is Elizabeth Gaskell. She is a Austen-like writer who was friends with Charlotte Bronte. Her books are more meaty than my mind can focus on at the moment but I do love the stories. Juice was kind enough to get me the DVDs for our anniversary in August. I'm hoping to get some time, and some sleep, to really enjoy them soon.

Wow, I'm into authors lately. Another one I'm following is Connie Willis. I think my mom first recommended a book by her to me when I was a teenager, To Say Nothing of the Dog, which I have read every year since. I picked up The Doomsday Book last year on a whim and cried at the end of it. We read it for book club a few months ago and talked about it at our last meeting. That book sticks with you! I also just finished one of her books and will be going through the rest of her list.

Other books that are in the que to be read: Bel Canto. My friend Lolli read it and loaned it to me. She couldn't put it down and I'm itching to start it. The Striking Point is a book I just got as a present and that looks fascinating too.

Now if only I could put these books down enough to actually sleep at night, I might be sitting pretty!



  1. Thanks for a list of books to read! I don't have to work again until Jan so once my house is clean I plan on having some fun!

  2. Utterly hooked on North and South. The miniseries is dark, the music haunting, but you can't help yourself waiting for the ending. (And Richard Armitage is gorgeous!)

  3. Anonymous8:26 PM

    I loved Bel Canto! I'm reading Farenheit 451 right now, for my book club, and although I love Ray Bradbury I'm glad I never had to teach this book :)

  4. I'll take this post as an indirect answer to the email I sent you! Thanks for the info. on your fav books/authors. I'm excited to get reading!


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