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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sunday Pictures, take 13


So yesterday when we went out to play in the snow I couldn't find my little underwater camera.  I didn't want to take my big camera out because I didn't want to get it wet.  And there was some wet snow!  Plus I wanted a video of the kids sledding.  Didn't even get Butterfly sledding this year.  I hope there will be another opportunity.

When I finally found the cord and downloaded the pictures from yesterday, I got a few surprises!  Including a lovely video.  This is from when Pirate had his cast.  It was the night before we took it off (and then took him sledding for the first time!) and Juice is narrating.  I would show it to you but upon further review, I realize that he uses all of our real names on it.  I can't figure out how to edit it so sorry.  I'll leave you with this cute picture instead.

It's someone's very chocolatey hand.  Maybe from around my birthday?

This afternoon we spent making truffles.  They are so good and I've had way too many already.  Butterfly helped me roll the middles and then spent 20 minutes trying to lick the chocolate off her hands.  The boys begged for it so much and I'm afraid they were cross and cranky after they ate so much.  Oh well...it's only Christmas time once, right?


PS- The author of that twin book I'd like to read actually left a comment on my blog!  Or someone who is pretending to be her did.  Cool!!


  1. Will you teach me how to make truffles sometime? I've always wanted to learn, maybe because I'm such a huge chocolate fan. :)

  2. Which twin book?
    I love the hand print!!

  3. Nevermind...I must have missed that post. :)


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