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Monday, December 21, 2009

Broken and Found


Juice had to dig the van out this morning. I had somewhere I had to be and I kind of needed a car for it. So. Off he went with his shovel and his helper (Butterfly). 2 hours later, he finally came in. He came in with some sad news though.

He broke the snow shovel.

We haven't even dug out his car yet! And I'm sure we'll have to dig out at least 3 more parking spaces before people will stop taking the ones we've made all nice and clean. So I went on a quest today to find a shovel. Target had NO shovels. They also had NO parking since they couldn't plow the top of their parking garage and no one could get up there. Let's just say that that was a mistake and a half to go there!

I went to the hardware store and found a shovel. But it was in the back being loaded off the truck. Apparently, they just shipped them today from somewhere in the mid-west for our specific use. Awesome. We will use it. I did make the guys open the pallet and pull out one single shovel for me because I was so ready to be home after that Target trip. Ugh.

In other news, I lost my little water proof camera. It's what I always love to take out for snow pictures because I could care less if it gets snowed on. Or dropped in the snow. Or slush, or whatever. So Saturday right before we went out in the snow, Juice and I were frantic trying to find it. We found it behind the computer monitor and I was very happy. It even had batteries which is saying something!

Also found along the way: crayons, play food, pens, outlet covers, books, cars, crumbs, and the tv remote and the small dvd remote. Huh, looks like they weren't thrown in the trash after all! They were just hiding under the couch. Yay!



  1. Congrats on finding the lost remotes! hee hee! I always tell my daughter that if she cleans up her room she will most likely find what she has lost....and she does!

  2. Is that the remote you were talking about a few posts back? Glad you found it!!! We still can't find our remotes after we moved and I have to stand in front of the DVD player everytime we stick one in to start it.

  3. Anonymous12:02 AM

    Used to be, all we would find under couches and behind furniture was dog hair and dirt. Now it's toys, baby socks and...remotes? Glad you found them!

  4. I'm glad you found the camera. I know exactly what it feels like to lose that camera. Panic! And, we broke our snow shovel in this storm, too! Haha!


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